Sydney Technical High School provides a learning environment where students can achieve excellence in all fields of endeavour.

Creativity & Innovation

We encourage our students to value life long learning, and we instil in them a curiosity which will embrace new challenges.


We want our students to grow into engaged and motivated adults who make meaningful contributions to society.


We expect our students to take pride in their shared school history and to have respectful relations with all members of the community.


We want our students to develop into the inspirational leaders of tomorrow and embody integrity and trust in all aspects of their lives.

Creativity & Innovation

We encourage our students to value life long learning, and we instil in them a curiosity which will embrace new challenges.


Our students have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Jordan Ka Truong was awarded a 2017 Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement on Wednesday 13 September in the William Wilkins Gallery, NSW...

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Access the schools archived articles from past events,...

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Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) provides the following definitions of giftedness and talent, and is used by the school as the foundation for its teaching programs:

  • Giftedness is potential (natural aptitude or ability) that is significantly beyond what might be expected for one’s age, in any area of human ability including intellectual, creative, social and physical.
  • Talented refers to actually performing or achieving at a level significantly above average in any area of human performance.
  • Gifted Underachievers:  A student who is gifted, but who has not yet been able to translate their potential into performance that is significantly above average may be seen as a “gifted underachiever”.

Gagne’s DMGT shows that the school has a crucial role in providing gifted students with appropriate opportunities for learning, training and practice so that gifted students can achieve their potential. 

Tech Talk is the school’s monthly newsletter of school stories and events. It is a useful way to keep up to date with what is happening in the school, and the P&C report can be found here. 

Download this file (August Tech Talk 2017.pdf)August Tech Talk 2017[The school was delighted to welcome back Dr Ben North, class of 2001 to Staff Development Day this term. Ben studied English and History at Sydney University, and has a doctorate in gifted and talented education. His presentation]7429 kB
Download this file (February Tech Talk 2017 R.pdf)Tech Talk February 2017[Welcome Year 7 2017 and all our new students. It certainly has been a very warm welcome at Tech this year with temperatures at record January levels. Well done to students for maintaining their cool and looking so smart in their new uniforms. I do hope...]3176 kB

The school enjoys a good relationship with the community, and has established a parent partnership program for Years 7-10.  The aim of the partnership is to strengthen the home school relationship and encourage student wellbeing. Parents join the senior executive once a term for breakfast and discussion on issues of mutual educational interest. Topics discussed are often related to our student wellbeing program, which is age specific, and various guest speakers are invited, and have included The Australian Federal Police talking on cyber safety, and staff speaking on their areas of expertise, as well as seminars on mental health issues; adolescent development; gaming and gifted and talented education. Parent input into potential seminar topics ensure the relevance and utility of the program.

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Anzac Day 2015: Centenary of the Landing at Gallipoli


The school is fortunate to have a school run canteen, and all profits from the canteen are returned to the school. The canteen is run by a paid manager, with the help of community volunteers. At the start of every year the canteen invites parents to volunteer their time. Their contribution to the school is very much appreciated.


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"Every individual has the right to realise himself: that is to fully develop the power and capacities, physical, mental, moral and spiritual; with which nature endowed him."

 − JA Williams (the first Principal of Tech writing in 1912)