Sydney Technical High School provides a learning environment where students can achieve excellence in all fields of endeavour.

Creativity & Innovation

We encourage our students to value life long learning, and we instil in them a curiosity which will embrace new challenges.


We want our students to grow into engaged and motivated adults who make meaningful contributions to society.


We expect our students to take pride in their shared school history and to have respectful relations with all members of the community.


We want our students to develop into the inspirational leaders of tomorrow and embody integrity and trust in all aspects of their lives.

Creativity & Innovation

We encourage our students to value life long learning, and we instil in them a curiosity which will embrace new challenges.


Our students have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Click on the link below to watch our 2018 Orientation video, the debut production of our STHS Digital Media Team. Great work, boys! A day at Sydney...

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Upcoming Events

19Tue Vaccinations Day - 9.00am-12.30pm 
25Mon Year 7 Camp 
26Tue Year 9 Parent Partnership - Common Room - 9.00-9.30am 
28Thu Year 8 Parent Partnership - Common Room - 9.00-9.30am 

1Fri Zone Swimming Carnival Day 1 
1Fri Clean Up Australia Day - 1.00-3.00pm 

Year 7 participated in a Creativity and Innovation...

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Congratulations to the champions of the Year 10 Talented...

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Congratulations to Adam Robey who has once again been...

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Our Athletics Carnival was at ES Marks field on Monday. It...

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On 30 November 2018, Jack McDougall was awarded a Zone...

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Year 11 Psychology – Preliminary Study Only

The study of psychology is the study of the mental processes and behaviour of people. All areas of human life can be studied. Psychology looks into why people act and think the way they do, who and what they are and the relationships that bind people together. In today’s complex urban, humanly disconnected, media driven societies, finding meaningful connections are becoming increasingly difficult.

All the different branches of psychology are important in helping individuals navigate these complexities. Students will learn about the meaning and development of functional psychology from its first development under Wilhelm Wundt to current theories and practices of the humanist school. Students will also learn about the physiology, structure and function, model-medical diagnosis and states of consciousness.

Students learn about what constitutes the 'normal' and 'abnormal' psychology. A range of psychological disorders, their causes, characteristics and treatments are covered. These include: mood disorders such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder; anxiety disorders, eating disorders and schizophrenia. Students learn about the theory and practice of research design and methodology in the social sciences and particularly psychology. Students then design and conduct their own independent research in an area of psychology that interests them.


Welcome Year 7

Welcome Year 7 students and parents to Sydney Technical High School.  The first week has been action-packed with many more thrilling activities in the coming weeks.  Each boy is starting to find their feet in classes and has seen Tech Pride in action at the school swimming carnival, so we are well on our way to feeling settled here.  The transition into high school can be a daunting experience but always reach out to your friends, classmates, Year 9 Peer Support Leaders, teachers and Year Adviser with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember you're a Techie now and there is a network of support available to you whenever you need it.

For the students and parents I have not personally met yet, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Anna Steel and I am an English Teacher here at Tech.  I have been teaching here since October 2016 after almost seven years teaching in the Snowy Mountains, NSW.  I am delighted to be Year 7’s Year Adviser in their high school journey and can't wait to see each boy achieve their best over the next six years.

Upcoming events

  1. Year 7 Swimming Pre-Test will be held on Friday 16 February
  2. Year 7 Camp will be held from Monday 19 February to Wednesday 21 February

Please ensure the medical and consent form is completed as soon as possible and you return permission notes to Miss Steel

  1. Year 7 Parent Partnership Program will be held from 9am‑10am on Tuesday 27 February in the Common Room


Please drop-off and pick-up students along Anderson Street or Ethel Street entrances. Do not enter or use any of the carparks or driveways to drop-off or pick-up students.

Anna Steel

Year 7 Adviser

While most people were fast asleep across Sydney, Pranav Alavandi, Deen Essop, Rohit Ghosh, Henok Hailu, Minh Ho, Farhan Khan, Finley Phan, Evan Lee, Ervin Liang and Andrew Timkov were wide awake competing in a robotics tournament run by NASA.

A team of coders from Sydney Technical High School (Bexley) impressed during the competition after meeting at the University of Sydney during the early hours of Friday morning.

Code written by the students was used to move robots inside the International Space Station (ISS).

The Sydney Technical High School team had to race against other teams, from around the globe, while completing set tasks with their basketball-sized robot.

The finals event was reserved for the best 42 schools on the planet, following months of preliminary rounds in the 2017/18 Zero Robotics High School Tournament.

Sydney Technical High worked alongside two other schools from the USA and Italy as part of an alliance. Their alliance made the semifinal of the competition but were beaten one step short of the final.

Sydney Technical High School student Rohit Ghosh, 15, took part and said it was a brilliant experience, despite having to stay awake through the night.

“The best part would probably have been seeing our code finally being tested in real life and seeing our code being used in the International Space Station – it was quite a weird feeling, it was great actually.”

He said they worked a lot with their Italian and American team mates in the lead-up to the finals. “We tried our best to help out the Italians and Americans.”

Other schools from NSW which made the finals this year included Gosford High School, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Mosman High School and Sydney Boys High School.

The competition was organised by NASA and top, tech-university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

This year 57 students and four staff will be going to NASA over the school holidays between Term 1 and Term 2.


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"Every individual has the right to realise himself: that is to fully develop the power and capacities, physical, mental, moral and spiritual; with which nature endowed him."

 − JA Williams (the first Principal of Tech writing in 1912)