The school motto, ‘Manners Mayketh Man’ is a guiding principal for the many alumni groups that contribute to the life of the school. The school is most grateful for the financial assistance offered deserving students through alumni scholarships. As well, our current students enjoy listening to the experiences and narratives of ex students who have gone on from Tech to run global business enterprises, work for established companies like Microsoft and Apple, make films, lead engineering firms, sports organisations and universities. Ex Techies are everywhere, contributing their many and diverse talents to Australian social, political, cultural and economic life. We welcome our alumni back to school, and hope to nurture strong networks between current and past students. The school values the knowledge and wisdom ex Techies can share with the school.

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Anzac Day 2015: Centenary of the Landing at Gallipoli


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Ananthan Ambikairajah - Class of 2011

Ben Middleton - Class of 2009

Terrence Kwok - Class of 2011


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"Every individual has the right to realise himself: that is to fully develop the power and capacities, physical, mental, moral and spiritual; with which nature endowed him."

 − JA Williams (the first Principal of Tech writing in 1912)