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Many students from all years volunteer to be part of the School Environment Team. The team, under the guidance of a teacher volunteer, promote various sustainability projects around the school and meet regularly. They participate in specific days that celebrate maintaining our environment such as ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, ‘Plant a Tree Day’ and ‘Green Day’.

In the past The Environment Team installed water coolers around the school, and manufactured a Tech water bottle, to promote healthy drinking habits amongst students and to reduce plastic waste. The group sponsor a koala at the Featherdale Wildlife Park, south of Sydney. As well, they have initiated a number of hanging gardens to enhance the environment and beautify our red brick buildings.

The school is on a large site, and the Environment Team also assist with garden maintenance, including the peaceful Mathew Goodall Memorial Garden, established as a result of Centenary fundraising in 2011.


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"Every individual has the right to realise himself: that is to fully develop the power and capacities, physical, mental, moral and spiritual; with which nature endowed him."

 − JA Williams, 1912 (first Principal of Sydney Technical High School)