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I applied for the Engineering and Technology Cadetship Program run by Professional Cadetships Australia (PCA), as advised by Mr Zigas. I opted for the Technology Cadetship run by Westpac Banking Corporation.  I had to fill out an application of seven questions and submit it to PCA.  After two weeks, I was contacted by PCA and was told that I was successful in gaining an interview with them regarding the cadetship.

This was enormous success as I was briefed that, out of over 2000 applicants I had made it to the top 21. As this interview I was asked a few questions about my high school proceedings and also my relevance to the technology program.  Following this, after a couple of weeks, I received another email telling me that I was shortlisted by Westpac (the top 21!).  I was required to participate in three tasks at the campus, being an individual task, a group task and an individual interview.  Here I was required to collaborate with the other cadets who had made it here as well.  At the end of such a long and tiresome process I am glad to say that I have been offered the cadetship at Westpac. 

I can’t wait to start my new life with them. Of course, this could not have been possible without the support and assistance of Mr Zigas and Ms Lyons, to whom I am eternally grateful.

Westpac Cadetship through Professional Cadetships Australia (PCA)

"Every individual has the right to realise himself: that is to fully develop the power and capacities, physical, mental, moral and spiritual; with which nature endowed him."

 − JA Williams, 1912 (first Principal of Sydney Technical High School)