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The Parents and Citizens (P&C) comprise members of the school community, predominantly parents of students at the school who support, advise and work collaboratively with the school in the best interests of the education of students at Tech. The P&C jointly develop the strategic directions of the school, advocate for public education and participate in panels, celebrations and partner the school in improving student learning outcomes.

The P&C committee, led by the President, meet on the first Tuesday of the month in term time, and all parents are encouraged to attend. 

A number of important events are organised by the P&C. These include guest speakers on topics of relevance and interest to parents, and an annual joint P&C meeting with sister school, St George Girls High School.

The P&C support the school financially in numerous ways and provide additional resourcing for items such as technology; textbooks; gym and canteen equipment, and other items as requested by the school. The P&C is not a fundraising body in part due to the complexity of school enrolment and the fact that many students travel large distances to the school. Instead, the P&C have an annual standard levy which all parents are encouraged to pay.

The P&C welcome Year 7 students to the school in Term 1 with a BBQ which is very well attended.

Office Bearers

President Ms Nan Chen
Vice President Dr Matthew Jensen
Second Vice President Ms Harsha Yadav
Secretary Ms Janet Kirk
Assistant Secretary Mr Raj Surti
Treasurer Mr Alex Troyak   
Assistant Treasurer Mrs Linda Choy
Committee Member for Senior Years Mr Raj Surti
Committee Member for Junior Years Ms Jocelyn Camara
Events Coordinator (Rel) Mr Minh Ho

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"Every individual has the right to realise himself: that is to fully develop the power and capacities, physical, mental, moral and spiritual; with which nature endowed him."

 − JA Williams, 1912 (first Principal of Sydney Technical High School)