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It is important that students wear the full school uniform to ensure the maintenance of a safe, disciplined and effective learning environment.  Our uniform encourages students to have more pride in and identification with the school by promoting a sense of school community, as well as giving students greater physical security within the school grounds as intruders can be more readily identified.  The wearing of the full school uniform also encourages students to have an understanding of the value of dressing appropriately for the workplace, an important life skill. Furthermore, the importance of following fully the uniform policy for all students improves the image of the school in the community, making credentials from this school more valuable.  Therefore it is essential that all students wear the correct school uniform every day.

All uniform items can be purchased from Lowes at Hurstville. There is also a Second Hand Uniform Shop at the school run by volunteers.  The shop is open every second Tuesday of the month from 10:30am-12:00pm and a range of items may be purchased very reasonably.

If a student is unable to purchase uniform items, they can access financial support by seeing the Head Teacher Wellbeing or a Deputy Principal who will gladly and discreetly assist.


Boys travelling to and from school are required to wear full school uniform, correctly worn.

At the start of the school day and the end of recess and lunchtime, students need to be mindful that after playing handball, basketball and other outdoor activities they must prepare themselves for indoor lessons. When the first bell rings, they are expected to make sure their shirt is tucked in, socks pulled up and tie done up to the neck before entering buildings. Wearing of hoodies, spray jackets, pullovers or other non-approved items is forbidden and will attract a uniform infraction. Only the black school cap with school lettering can be worn.


A student who is unable to wear some part of the school uniform should bring a note from home explaining the reason, and take the note to the Head Teacher Administration or one of the Deputy Principals before 8:45 am to receive an Out of Uniform Pass.

School Uniform

Sports Uniform

Second Hand Uniform Shop



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